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Biography: Rene Russo

Nude Celebs Shots of Rene RussoBorn on February 17, 1954, in a low-income neighborhood in Burbank, California, Rene was raised by her single mother. Her starving artist father took off when Rene was only 2 years old, leaving his wife and two daughters to fend for themselves. In junior high, Rene was plagued with scoliosis, and had to wear a back brace for four years. Unable to deal with academics, and the school social scene, Rene dropped out of school in the tenth grade. Not only was she a social outcast, but she also wanted to help her single mother who was already working two jobs to support her family. Wanting to alleviate her mother's financial burden, she began to take a variety of part-time jobs over the next 18 months, many for the free benefits. She sold refreshments at a movie theater, where she could see free movies, worked as a restaurant hostess where her meals were free, a store cashier at Disneyland, where she had free admission. She often had two jobs at one time. Her last job, which was solely for the paycheck, was a full-time job at an eyeglass factory, inspecting contact lenses. Her luck changed after she attended a Rolling Stones concert. When she was leaving the concert, talent scout John Crosby was mesmerized by Rene's beauty and wanted to meet with her to take snapshots. These pictures and her meeting with John Crosby is what turned the once awkward girl into a glamorous model. Within a few months, Rene signed a contract with Ford Modeling Agency, and within a year had become a successful print and photographers model. Soon, her modeling breakthrough came when she graced the cover of Vogue. By 1975, she had appeared on numerous magazine covers, was one of the most successful models in America, and was also starting to be seen in several TV commercials through the 1980s. By her 30th birthday, demand for her began to dwindle, as it did for most models at that age. She did a few more commercials and then turned her back on modeling and show business for awhile. Financially secure for the next several years, she began an intense period of literature and Christian theology. She also began to study theater and acting and began appearing in theater roles at small regional theaters in Los Angeles and California. She regained contact with her former manager John Crosby who helped launch her acting career. Her first role was a short time stint on the ABC series Sable. She moved to the big screen for the first time in the film Major League, as Tom Berenger's wife. Roles as the wife of leading men quickly followed in films such as One Good Cop and Mr. Destiny. Her role in the 1992 film Freejack can be considered her life altering one, as it was where she met her future husband Danny Gilroy. Then came the big budget films. Her role as the wise talking, kick boxing detective opposite Mel Gibson opened the doors to other big time roles with other big time actors. Roles in In the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood, Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman, a comedic turn in Get Shorty with John Travolta, and Tin Cup with Kevin Costner soon filled up her resume. After being reunited with Mel Gibson in Ransom and Lethal Weapon 4, Rene co-starred with Pierce Brosnan in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. Rene then went on to film The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle with Robert De Niro. Next, she was seen in Big Trouble. She presently lives with her husband Danny Gilroy and their daughter, Rose, in Brentwood, California.

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